Sunday, January 06, 2002

06 Jan 2002

Hopefully, the site is now Netscape-safe...

Uploaded more stuff today: I put up an ECE Board Exam Reviewer -- it's a software that helps me review for the upcoming ECE boards. It's in the files section. I really should add that to the list of resolutions: WILL STUDY FOR BOARD EXAM!

I also decided to renovate and re-use the geocities site so I put up an Anime ROMs site there. I wanted to put up the Anime ROMs before, but I was worried about what Topcities might do, since Ihaven't heard anything about what they do to copyright violations on member sites. They might delete all my files or something. At Geocities, the worst case scenario is that I lose the ROM files!

Sore wa watashi no homupeiju desu...See? I'm working on it!

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Anonymous said...

roy can i know were 2 find the ece reviewer that you have tnx url?.. or email it to me at tnx!!